About Mike Beckwith

Born and raised in Somerville to artist parents, Mike was introduced to the art world from a young age. He spent many years in the professional theater world as an actor, director, teacher, fight choreographer, and designer, which firmly rooted in him a love of all the arts. When he moved from a career in theater to a career in teaching, Mike set about learning everything he could about any art form he could get his hands on, including video, photography, drawing, painting and martial arts. He was recently introduced to the technique of acrylic and resin pouring, and since then he hasn’t stopped taking flat objects and pouring liquid pigments over them. 


Mike spent most of his summers in Maine by Acadia National Park. Having grown up both next to the sea and in close proximity to a National Park, his work is inspired by the beauty of the outside world. 


About Scene One Art

Scene One Art began as a passionate hobby that turned into a business in 2018.  We began primarily as acrylic pour artists but have since branched into resin, alcohol ink, coasters, jewelry, and magnets.  With every art show we do, we learn a little more about what our customers love and we strive to meet those needs.  We also enjoy exchanging ideas with fellow artists and leave inspired to try something new every time.

Behind the curtain of Scene One Art there is of course Mike Beckwith, our principal artist.  We also have his wife, Carina Gonzalez, who takes care of the graphic design, this website, and all administrative and marketing needs of Scene One Art.  

Below you'll find some booth shots from our latest show.  We look forward to working with you.